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About Tours F1

What is Tours F1?

     The Tours F1 programs were created to provide an opportunity for fellow enthusiasts to experience their favorite sport from the inside.
 We provide all the elements you really need to have an enjoyable travel experience to a Grand prix event. We provide all the convenience of an organized tour program and yet you are free to make your own schedule and enjoy as much independence as you like.  We are a "ground only" Tour Operator  and not a Retail Travel Agency. 

The Grand Prix Club, Inc. is a USA Corporation with headquarters in South Florida. We are licensed, bonded and insured.
Our participants have attended Formula 1 Events since 1982. 

         We have negotiated access to the same facilities Teams and Sponsors use to entertain their guests and other VIPs. Tour members are right in the middle of the action. Your package features hotel accommodations, all ground transportation, tickets and hospitality services. At most events, we have our own area or suite with all the amenities including catering, televisions, private restroom facilities, great viewing locations and in many cases Pit and Paddock credentials. We also have VIP parking so we don’t have to hike to the stands. At most events, we have use of both our Suite or Restaurant viewing plus covered grandstand seating as well. 

          The Grand Prix Club management conducts annual inspection tours of European Grand Prix Circuits and Major Tennis facilities. We inspect over 250 hotels and arranged all the other required support providers to enable us to put this program together for you.


     As is typical, most of the Circuits are located in remote areas with limited availability of nearby accommodations. To further complicate the lodging issue, there always seems to be some large convention scheduled in the same area at the same time. We have been fortunate to find great accommodations within a reasonable distance that will provide an enhanced vacation for the time tour members are not at the Event. We wanted to provide a European experience so the properties we have chosen are all very comfortable with nice bathrooms, modern facilities and Old World charm. The Grand Prix Club would never put our tour members in a hotel we had not personally visited.


     The Grand Prix Club staff greets you upon arrival and are with you throughout the scheduled trip, but you will still have all the freedom of traveling on your own if you like. The objective is to provide a superior vacation experience in an environment where our members have the opportunity to experience their sport with fellow enthusiasts and friends.

      Tour group size is usually limited to 30 people per trip. Single supplements can be arranged. The restriction on group size is based on several factors, including size of the VIP facilities, as well as hotel and ground transportation capabilities. In most cases, we try to provide at least two departures from the hotel to the track for the Grand Prix events, so the "early birds" (probably the guys) can get there early and the others (probably the gals) can do what they want and meet up later. 

      The principals of our organization have had client relationships with Amoco, Audi, BP, BMW, Exxon, Lotus, Porsche, Texaco and Saab to name just a few companies.


Who we are -

Angie Hasler - Member Services

     Angie hails from Texas and has over 15 years of experience living abroad and traveling extensively in Europe, North America, the Caribbean, Far East and Russia. She has worked in the Travel, Diving, Fashion and Retail Industries for over 30 years and is an avid tennis player and fan. She began work in the Specialty Travel Industry beginning in 1978 

     Angie's focus is on providing an enjoyable experience for the ladies, administration and to provide suggestions on the many local "things to do" at each destination. 


Steve Cole - Operations

     Steve was born in Virginia and has over 30 years of experience living abroad and traveling extensively in Europe, Caribbean North America and Africa. Professional experience includes the Motorsport, Travel, Hotel and Special Event Industries. Having competed in motor racing for over 30 years he provides a special insight into Formula 1 and moves easily within the Industry. 

     Steve's Specialty Travel Industry experience began in 1974. For over 20 years he consulted with Fortune 500 companies in their meeting, seminar and executive travel departments. Steve has organized, managed and escorted more than 400 weeks of tours all over the world representing over 12,000 participants. 

     Steve's focus is on providing smooth logistical operations and looking for opportunities to enhance the Grand Prix experience. 


Privacy Statement 

Our privacy policy is very simple. Your information is private.

     The Grand Prix Club is committed to protecting your privacy. We will only provide information necessary to secure your trips with the Grand Prix Club. Suppliers (airlines, hotels etc.) will receive only the minimum information required to make your reservations. The management of the Grand Prix Club will not distribute or otherwise misuse your information. This policy covers ANY information you provide to include your name and your email address – we have a box on our contact information page for you to click if you would like to have your email address added to our Members page, if you do not want that added to the Members page then don’t check the box. The only purpose of the Members contact page is to provide a forum for Members to contact each other.


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